Rants & Raves

I THINK IT’S TIME we had a “straight” parade. I am sick of hearing about all the gay rights stuff. If that’s your thing, then so be it. Just don’t shove it in our faces!


IS ANYONE ELSE sick and tired of the marketing calls (even though we are on the Do Not Call list? How about the particularly obnoxious one that begins “Do not hang up”? I wish I could get them stopped.

A HIGH SCHOOL KID can take a one-hour course and learn what he needs to know about personal money management. Anything more is just waste. Kids’ parents are responsible for teaching that very thing – responsibility – anyway.

IT APPEARS THAT Dr. Ricardo Azziz has thinned MCG out by spreading it from Augusta to Rome, Athens and Albany, while claiming Augusta is the place. What’s Azziz got against Augusta?

TO THE PERSON WHO ranted about the Kane & Co. Dance Recital: You should try teaching dance to more than 200 children and then organizing a recital to showcase all the dancers and what they learned and see if you can fit it in under three hours.

My rave is to Kelly Duggar Kane, whom I think did a fantastic job and deserves all the props.

A HUGE RANT TO THE USC Aiken Convocation Center and the South Carolina Outdoor Expo. Very poorly planned and too large of an event.

A STANDING OVATION goes to the wonderful performance by the middle and high school band students at Augusta State University’s Band Camp. Our area is blessed with some truly amazing and dedicated band directors, and we are very grateful to them for sharing their love of music with our kids. A big thank you, too, to the wonderful staff and students at ASU for making it all happen.

A RANT TO The Augusta Chronicle for continuing to litter my property with unwanted advertising and circulars. I’m sick of having to pick them up and put them into the trash.

SPOTTED, THANK YOU for covering the Augusta Pride parade. I was able to look at the pictures to see which businesses are supporting sin.

FINALLY, AN ARTICLE about not refinancing. Alas, there are still articles encouraging borrowing, even for people with “less than perfect credit histories.”

The only sensible rule is don’t buy what you can’t afford.

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Rants and raves

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