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AS SOON AS John Bar­row figures out what district he’ll move to next, he should let the voters know so we can move and vote against him there.

IT WOULD BE NICE if everyone who has a mailbox could pay one dollar a month for the mail to be delivered to their home.

THOUSANDS OF DRONES patrolling American skies. Can you say Big Brother?

I’M SO SICK AND TIRED hearing all the Bible-beating Baptists spew their hatred toward homosexuals. What gives you the right to be so sanctimonious and judge others? Any hypocrite can go to church on Sunday and put on a good show, then preach hatred the rest of the week. God made EVERYONE and he loves them all unconditionally. God doesn’t make ugly … only people are ugly!

AZZIZ IS SPENDING more money, time and effort on renaming MCG rather than working on actually improving things.

I HATE SOUNDING LIKE a conspiracy theorist, but it’s time to recognize what is going on. The Board of Regents doesn’t want “Georgia” or “Medical” in the combined college’s name because the ultimate goal is to move Georgia’s medical college to Athens.

I JUST WANT to say thank you for life.

IT IS INTERESTING that the biggest loudmouths who comment on The Chronicle site always try to shout down dissenting opinions at the same time they whine about their freedom of speech.

I CAN’T BELIEVE that 40 percent of the people would actually vote for Barack Obama, who without a doubt has to go down as the worst president in U.S. history. George Bush wasn’t the greatest president we had, but he was much bet­ter than Barack Obama.

I AGREE THAT MCG should stay the Medical Col­lege of Georgia. I know someone who graduated from there and they will display the old name but not the new one.

I THINK RIVERMAN has been hired by Dr. Azziz.

RAVES TO THE lady cops who learn to fight. I wouldn’t tangle with one of those gals. Question: Once they get through the course, do they then practice against males? Might be a good idea.



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

Rants and raves