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BI-LO ON Peach Orchard Road should extend hours to 24 hours a day like Kroger. They would do more business, and their customers would appreciate it.


SECTION 8 HOUSING is being used primarily by single women with children, but the man moves in after she gets her Section 8 housing. This needs to be looked into.


I AM A UNION pipefitter at Local 150. I guess my local brothers and sisters are proud of Obama since he is allowing 800,000 illegals to stay and take our jobs.


A FAMILY MAN is dead. A woman who had been drinking couldn’t wait to get to the next bar. I thought bars closed at 2 a.m. in Augusta. Does anyone enforce that anymore?


OVER THE PAST two weeks I have taken note that almost no bikers on the Greeneway said they were passing on the left. True bikers have manners, but these are not real bikers. Women and children are on the Greeneway.


WISCONSIN GOV. SCOTT Walker’s agenda had not been stopped at all. It is continuing. He is doing a good job.


I WOULD LIKE TO know why gas is going down but our groceries keep climbing.


THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are rejecting the tea party and Republican agenda in Congress that puts tax breaks for the wealthiest people in our country ahead of creating jobs.


TO THE STAFF at the Richmond County water treatment system: Raves for the good work you are doing to make sure our water is safe.


JUST MADE A TRIP to Atlanta and back, and I was shocked to see so many shredded tires in the road from 18-wheeler trucks. Georgia isn’t doing a very good job keeping this mess cleaned up.


ANYBODY TAKE a ride down Lindsey Drive, Circular Drive, Rhodes Drive and Ivey Road in south Augusta lately? Wow, what a mess!


TO ALL YOU drivers (if you can call yourself that) who drive 40 mph in the left (fast) lane on Gordon Highway: If you’re constantly getting passed, you are obviously driving too slow, so get out of the way!


TO THE PERSON WHO posted his thoughts on the Scott Walker recall: You and the liberal unions who demanded this recall are the ones who have been humiliated.



Sun, 10/22/2017 - 17:59

Rants and raves