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PRESIDENT OBAMA will do anything to garner votes. First it was his stance on gays marrying and now his watering down of immigration law. Maybe his next step is to pardon all felons so that they can vote for him?


MY NEIGHBORHOOD POOL SAYS if you live in the neighborhood, you can’t come to the pool as a paying guest because they want you to join. … Sorry to my neighbors’ little girl that I was going to take as my guest to play with my children next week, but I’m not allowed to take you and they don’t care that your daddy was just laid off, either. ... Just plain fed up with neighborhood associations!


RAVES TO ALL the kind people. I recently had a flat tire in the cut-through behind Five Guys, Rhodes Murphy, Yotopia shopping center in Evans. I immediately called my husband to change the tire. Before he arrived, I had many people stop and ask me if I needed help. Some even walked over to my car and offered assistance and stayed with me. The spare was a little low, and I drove immediately to Jiffy Lube in Evans for air. It had just closed. The kind young man that was closing up opened the door and put air in my tire. It made me feel so good to know that we still have so many good people.


“GITMO” IS MORE than just a prison. It’s an entire gigantic naval base that is strategically important to our defense. So, we can’t just “close” Gitmo. For a “win-win,” the terrorists jailed there should be put on a motorless barge and hauled halfway to the Azores, where the barge will be set loose and each terrorist given a paddle.


NEITHER ROMNEY NOR Obama looks good in the polls. Only bizarre, behind-the-scene manipulators could have corralled us into such a choice, between a mediocre Republican who is not predictable and an appalling Democrat who has already made a gross mess. Alas, the least of two evils.


DO YOU ACTUALLY think a prospective medical or dental student is going to spend $100k on their education to have “Augusta Arsenal University” printed on their diploma, competing with Johns Hopkins, Yale, UCLA, Emory, even UGA? I can’t believe the provincialism of this place!



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves