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RAVE TO GHSU FOR mowing its new property, the former Golf & Gardens on Reynolds Street. It’s nice to see this riverfront area attended to more often than just Masters Week.


PRESIDENT OBAMA throws a scare into the ignorant among us by claiming he must save jobs of firefighters, teachers and cops. If Obama would read the Constitution, he’d learn that none of those categories of jobs falls under the purview of the federal government.


LAWS NEED TO BE changed or something. My brother was killed in a DUI accident and the guy who was driving had numerous previous DUIs. If the laws were different, my brother and the rest of these innocent people might be alive still. On top of that, the guy received only 15 years max and is serving in the same county as his hometown where his family can easily go visit whereas I have to visit my brother in a cemetery. Where is the justice?


A RANT FOR THE man squirting young children with a water gun. That looked sick; a young teenager should have been wetting the children. This was on Page 2A of Augusta Chronicle.


HAS ANYONE SEEN THE new Georgia vehicle tags yet? They have pumpkins on them. I thought Georgia was the Peach State ... not pumpkins.


A VERY GOOD TARGET for Richmond County drug enforcement would be the area around Peach Orchard and Windsor Spring roads.


A BIG RANT TO ALL doctors who make patients wait for more than an hour in the waiting room. A lot of us have to take off work to come to our appointments. That is one more hour of lost wages on top of the ridiculous co-pays. Our time is just as valuable as yours. Tighten up.


RANT TO THE committee that came up with those names for MCG. All of those names are terrible.


I DON’T BELIEVE Scott Dean is guilty. I think they need to look into it again.


REPAVE ELLIOT Boule­vard south Augusta. Elliot is full of potholes the size of bomb explosions, especially at the entrance from Rosier Road.


IT IS TIME CHURCHES and religious organization start paying taxes on their property. If
they started paying,
we wouldn’t have a deficit.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 19:51

Rants and raves