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IF YOUR PET IS missing, check Richmond County Animal Services facility on Mack Lane right away. If you are looking to adopt, check there first and save a life. There are many cats and dogs there of many breeds, ages, sizes and colors, all needing a chance to have a forever home.

A BIG RAVE TO THE beautiful staff of Building 15 at East Georgia Regional on Mike Padgett Highway. Thanks to all, especially nurses W. Owens, Wesby and all who helped my sister return to herself and see how precious life is. God Bless you all.

MANY RECEIVE requests in the mail for donations from nonprofit organizations – and the mail contains a coin (a dime, nickel, penny). Should I feel guilty because I don’t send it back because I already gave to that organization over the year? It would be interesting to find out how other folks feel about it.

IT’S TOUGH WORKING extremely long hours all week long then wanting to buy food at the grocery only to find a lot of what you want is too expensive for your budget. What’s even tougher is seeing folks who haven’t worked hard a day in their lives buying whatever they like with food stamps that you paid for.

GIVE ME A BREAK! What possible difference is “Augusta State University” as compared to “Augusta University” or “University of Augusta? The other choices are ludicrous.

BIG THANK YOU TO Tommy at Pendleton King Park for helping me change my flat tire in the rain. He makes the park a nice place to come to.

WHY NOT LEAVE it “Augusta State University” and save the big amount of money, so they can reduce the bloated tuition rates?

IF I WAS A DOCTOR, I’d prefer to say I was awarded my degree by the Medical College of Georgia rather than any of the other names, proposed or current.



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 17:05

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