Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


PLEASE NAME THE new school Augusta State University A&M (Arts and Medicine.)

TO ALL WHO walk dogs at the Evans Town Center, there are plenty of bags to clean up. Also to Columbia County: you need to figure out a way to drain the dog park so there is no smelling pee water around in puddles. The drainage is non-existing. Some days it stinks so bad that I don’t take my dog in for fear of what she might catch.

A RANT FOR Richmond County DFCS. I had heard people say they don’t bother to report neglect/abuse because nothing will be done. Well, I have learned that firsthand.

ALL WE NEED TO KNOW TSPLOST is that it’s a tax increase when we already pay taxes for roads, and that it will be wasted while fattening a lot of pockets. The more money government takes, the more freedom YOU lose. Don’t be an idiot and vote to increase taxes on yourself.

EVERY ACTION EVER taken by the Fed hurt our economy. Even when they claim to have lowered inflation, notice they never claim to have STOPPED it. The Fed exists to manipulate and control what is supposed to be a free market. As long as the Fed exists, it won’t be completely free.

OBAMA HAS NOW illegally bypassed Congress and issued an executive order to allow illegal aliens of a certain age not only to stay inside the US, but to be rewarded with work permits, thus making law breakers legal. How can anybody support a president who aids and abets lawbreakers?

FRED RUSSELL LIKES the Convention Center being built for a staggering amount of tax money. Among other things it will have a room that can “seat a banquet for 1,800” people. How many times will there be 1,800 people eating together?

A STORY WITH PHOTO tells of cave paintings in Spain, but never says WHERE in Spain. That’s four “w’s” out of the five required. FYI, the cave is 30 km west of Santander, a town on the north coast of Spain.

MY ADVICE TO Romney is to promise, promise, promise, and lie, lie lie, that’s how Obama got elected.

THE BUSH TAX CUTS, if not continued, mean a tax increase for all taxpayers. If not extended and your taxes don’t go up it means you don’t pay taxes now and you are among the tax-takers and not taxpayers. They are not just for the wealthy.