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EUROPE HAS THE same problem we have: too much spending. If we can’t stop it, just what makes us think they will?

RANT TO THE PERSON in Crestland who stole my metal yard sale signs. We were having a sale to benefit our church. They are now back in the rightful owner’s hand, thanks to my alert wife.

IF CHRIS JAMES WAS white, he would never have been considered as fire chief of Augusta. They should put in small print “whites need not apply because this is a minority city.”

A BIG RAVE for the June 14 letter to the editor “It’s time To say enough.” It was absolutely wonderful. I am a native Augustan. Amen, sister!

I BET THERE ARE NO other school districts in Georgia that have their teachers required to take nine furlough days. The reason is state cutbacks and high graduation rates. The goal was to have more students graduate. Richmond Coun­ty is going to have a difficult time hiring and keeping great teachers. Shame on Richmond County; you are putting a financial burden on your teachers which could be distracting in the classroom: nine days’ lost pay.

REFERENCE THE SALUDA sheriff who was indicted for working prisoners on private property. You can only work prisoners on city, county or state property after they have been tried. If he is a prison trusty, and he came to your house and asked to sweep your porch, you had better say no.

ACTIVE-DUTY MILITARY should not be entitled to any more than a WWII veteran who is still living and gave his time for service.

TO ANSWER THE letter from the teacher about bullying: There was a bus driver who was being bullied by her aides. She went through all of the proper channels and nothing was being done. So she went to the sheriff’s department and action was taken after that. Tea­chers, you need to go to the sheriff’s department.

I AM A VETERAN who is in pain. They took an X-ray, but it will be five months before I get to see anybody. What am I supposed to do for the next five months with this pain? It took me almost a year to get an MRI. Someone needs to investigate. We need some help.

RANT FOR THE COUNTY and the state. Wrightsboro Road and Bobby Jones Expressway are an absolute disgrace to Augusta with grass growing through the cracks in the sidewalks. Trash is everywhere. When people come in from out of state, they must think Augusta is just pitiful.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves