Rants & Raves

WHAT A JOKE THE city of Thomson Police Department is. A traffic stop turns into a gathering of rubber-necking fellow officers. No adult supervision will allow this to continue.



SPLOST, TPSLOST, where does it end? No new taxes. Make the government live within its means. Don’t even get me started about Berckmans Road.


OBAMA HAS BEEN IN office for 3 1/2 years and he’s still playing the “Blame Game.” This country will never be able to move forward when we have a president who continues to blame others and make excuses for his failed leadership.


I LIVE IN SOUTH AUGUSTA and witnessed the most wasted taxpayer money benefit that I have ever witnessed in my life. The street sweeper just drove down a country road. Why don’t they fix that dip in the road if they have so much money they can hire a street sweeper on a country road?


VOTE NO July 31 on the new TSPLOST sales tax being pushed down our throats by the big special interest groups. If passed, this would raise our sales tax burden.


IF ROUNDTREE CAN’T control his own finances, how is he going to control the Richmond County sheriff’s department finances?


SEND PRISONERS out to repair holes and clean up cemeteries.


I AM SO OFFENDED that politicians want to spend tax dollars to realign Berckmans Road. Why should we have to pay for that? Politicians, you may get perks from the all-powerful golf lords, but I will vote against you if this gets passed. Shameful.


ATLANTA BRAVES, you make me laugh. You’re like a yoyo. You go up; you go down. But you never stay on a straight course.


THE RECENT RECALL vote in Wisconsin has proven one thing. Ameri­cans are onto the unions and what they are all about: themselves.


THANKS TO LARRY and his crew from Williams Roofing Co. I live in an old house. They did an outstanding job.


I AM A COLUMBIA COUNTY RESIDENT and I got my property tax paperwork. My house value increased $4,500. I can barely make my payments on everything. I wish officials would remember that it is almost impossible for us older people to keep up with these increases.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

Rants and raves