Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WHY SHOULD FOX NEWS stop showing the back of Zimmerman’s head? He is innocent! Struck from behind as he was going back to his car! Show his head! Prove he tells the truth!


IT IS TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE for a newswoman to wear sleeveless tops or dresses on camera. Fox News is bad about it. So are some of the morning shows. Stop it! It’s ugly.


THE REASON GEORGIA TECH doesn’t get equal press to UGA is because UGA is the University of Georgia, not just another trade school. Also being seeded eighth and somehow winning is pure luck.


TO THE PERSON hunting Kraut in the jar, they have it at the Bi-Lo in South­gate in two different sizes. I hope you enjoy it.


I TOOK MY FAMILY TO Applebee’s on Peach Orchard Road for dinner, and there was so much foul language that we had to get up and leave. My grandson said to me, “Grandpa, that man is saying bad words.” That is not right. How do you expect to run a family restaurant when you allow that filthy language?


THE CARTOONS YOU have of Obama are not funny and a lot of people do not appreciate it. Everybody doesn’t think it is funny how you have him drawn. We respect our president. I know of no other president that you make look like this. This is ridiculous.


IF YOU HAVE GOOD credit, you don’t have to pay a deposit to South Carolina Electric and Gas. If you do have to pay a deposit, they will return it with interest if you pay for a year on time. The city of North Augusta however, when you sign up for water and garbage, they charge a $100 deposit. When asked if good credit will keep you from having to pay it, they say no. When asked when you get the deposit back, they say when you turn the service off. So if you live in North Augusta all your life, they have $100 of your money to use.


RAVE TO YOUR PAPER for the slideshow of abandoned homes in the city. We also need a slide show of abandoned businesses. We who live in Olde Town cannot understand why the owners of these buildings are not made to repair them or tear them down. It hurts our property values and invites crime.