Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



HUGE RAVE TO Kris at Edwin Watts Golf for working with me to find the best driver for my swing. I appreciate your patience with me and knowledge of the game.


RAVE FOR Augusta-Richmond County mosquito control. I just wanted to take a moment to give thanks for the excellent service I have received from these guys for the past two years. I truly cannot express how much I appreciate them spraying my yard in an effort to keep these pesky insects to a tolerable level!


THIS MOM OF FIVE would like to thank Rhonda McKinney at the North Leg Road Salvation Army for being the kind, smiling angel that she was to me Monday afternoon. Sweet people like you are like pure gold! Thank you!


AS AN AUGUSTA NATIVE I have realized for years that no north and south through streets exist between Milledge Road and Highland Avenue due to Augusta Country Club and Augusta National golf courses. Please consider limited north-south traffic routes when making plans for any changes to Berckmans Road!


A RANT TO THE RCBOE: Furlough teachers nine days again while the CCBOE has none. Yet you open a worthless magnet school, keep parapros, keep instructional and grad coaches. Get ready for the mass exodus. This is the most ill-run BOE in the CSRA! Good luck with your part-time superintendent!


COLUMBIA COUNTY RESIDENTS need to be informed that the county has a leash law – “Code 14.6 Columbia County Restraint of Animals.” Anyone convicted of breaking this law can be fined up to $1,000. The fine is set by the judge if taken to court. People in this county are getting tired of cleaning up after dogs and cats that are not contained to owner’s property. If we wanted to clean up after pets, we would have our own. Any questions? Call Columbia County Animal Control.


RAVES TO Mr. Eugene Eubanks and 100 Black Men of Augusta. I attended the Black Tie Gala showcasing 36 area youths whom this organization takes pride in mentoring as the leaders of tomorrow. The gala was a spectacular event. I was proud to be present and look forward to being in attendance next year.


HOW MANY MORE “medals” is Obama gonna give out? Is he fishing for one of his own?