Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WHEN THE CITY TAKES on condemning property to then have it on a list to be torn down, why don’t they go ahead and get the prisoners to cut the grass in the meantime? Or at least around the post offices or other state, city or government offices?




AS A STUDENT OF Au­gus­ta State University, I am proud of how they respect their students by informing them of cancellations and/or information regarding tests via e-mail and/or our contact numbers to include landline and cell phone. They will also find a substitute to teach a class if they can if the professor was detained or sick so the students would not have to go back home. With that being said, Au­gus­ta Tech doesn’t share the same courtesy toward students.


A RAVE TO THE security at the gates at Fort Gor­don. I have seen time after time when some loud clown deserved a head-to-toe nightstick massage and Taser tickle, but they remained professional and always welcome everyone to the post with a smile.


ONCE AGAIN, college (or pro) athletes are involved in crime, a deadly shooting in Auburn with some deaths. Officials say it had nothing to do with them being athletes, but with this happening so often, can it be complete coincidence?


I HAVE BEEN GOING to the GHSU/MCG for the past few months and I am disgusted at the attire that is being worn by many of the female student body. There has to be a dress code policy in place – because I have noticed that the majority of them are wearing shorts so short their butts are hanging out. Are these students in training to becoming medical professionals or are they in training to become strip club dancers?


I CAN’T BELIEVE the number of people that intentionally run red lights.


SAM ARRINGTON’S LETTER “Illegal aliens lack pride in U.S.” was the best I have ever read in my 50 years of reading your paper. Thank you for printing it, and thank him for writing it.


WHY DO PEOPLE park in the handicap parking spots without handicapped tags?


IN THE SPACE OF a couple of hours, I had excellent customer service from Stanton Opti­cal, The Limited and Se­phora. I really appreciated it, but I think the world is about to end.