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THERE IS NO USE in speculating about the name of the new merged MCG and Augusta College. Dr. Ricardo Azziz will meet with the Regents behind closed doors, and his choice will be rubber-stamped. That’s the way we got the merger to start with.

ONCE UPON A TIME, MY grandfather lost his job. His children were hungry, so he and his wife planted a garden. They were no longer hungry and all lived happily ever after.

RANT TO THE PERSON who stole my grandma’s Yorkie off her front porch in the Shilo Ter­race subdivision off Windsor Spring Road. Imagine someone taking your child, grandchild, or niece or nephew. You would be sad. My grandma is sad because she wants her Yorkie back. You need to be a good person and bring her back. You can just leave her on the front porch and walk away. No questions asked. Please bring her back so my grandma can be happy again.

CAN ANYONE OUT there tell us why the employees at the VA won’t answer their phones?

HOW CAN ENGINEERS say Highway 56 is dangerous? It’s like saying guns are dangerous. It’s the people using it that are dangerous. As cars have become more technically advanced, drivers have become less intelligent with very little judgment. You should try riding a motorcycle every day if you want to see dangerous, stupid drivers, and we are registered licensed and insured vehicles, unlike bicycle riders.

MY WIFE HAS BEEN treated before and cured at the Medical Univesity of South Carolina in Charleston; great hospital. Why can’t our hospital remain the Medical College of Georgia?

WHEN WILL CONGRESS correct the gross injustice of men injured in Vietnam who were evacuated for medical treatment and did not die there whose names are not on the Vietnam Memorial? Surely this cause will not take as long as restoring Robert E. Lee’s citizenship.

THESE COMPANIES that try to get the public to believe these fake testimonials should be put out of business for lying. I am very sick of seeing them and hearing them. I am really glad to be able to change the channel.

JUST HAVING A GED and no further education doesn’t make a person eligible for higher sheriff office positions.



Fri, 11/17/2017 - 23:08

Rants and raves