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I SAY LET ALL UMCs in the Augusta District pitch in and get them out of the red. You see more news printed in the Advocate about Paine College than any other church or organization.


HAVE PEOPLE IN Augusta forgotten that they spent all that money on the river back in the ‘80s? People in Augusta don’t support stuff like that. Why waste taxpayers’ money? Don’t build anything else down there that will go into dilapidation like the riverfront has.


THE COMMENTS BEING made about Robert Moody shooting his son: He is a good man who came from a good family. Nothing was more important to Robert and his wife than their home and their family. For those who say you are Christian, you know that God is the only one who can judge. And for the rest of you who have something smart to say about this couple who are going through hell right now, maybe you need to sweep around your back porch and leave theirs alone.


I REALLY ENJOYED THE article about the restoration of the flag pole at ASU. It was well written, but I don’t think 23 “carrots” gilded that knob.


RAVE FOR AIKEN COUNTY police and the Good Samaritans who helped me when my purse was stolen. Due to their quick response I was able to retrieve my purse and my belongings. I want to thank everyone who helped me.


WHAT A BLESSING to have people like the two who responded speedily to my call to 911. A thousand thanks for their compassionate help.


IF MY 15-YEAR-OLD daughter wanted to leave the house until 1 in the morning to go to a party, I would have stopped her also. Creflo Dollar should not have gone to jail. That is part of the problem with these young children now. They can call 911 and the parents can be picked up for trying to make sure their children are doing the right thing. I agree children should not be hit with a hand or fist. Get a belt and beat their butts. That is what the majority of them need now.


WHY DO PEOPLE IN Columbia County drive 30 miles round trip to North Augusta to save a nickel on gas?


RANT TO THOSE who text while driving. You are as dangerous as a person driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and your fine and punishment should be comparable.



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Rants and raves