Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


WHAT’S WITH attorneys? First we had John Edwards getting off, and then Joe Neal just getting basically a slap on the wrist for his misadventures. You can imagine if it were John Doe on trial there would be outrage if he got what Neal received. Where is the justice?

RAVE FOR ALL the dancers at the Kane recital; very well done. A rant for those running it: How do you go from three hours to five?

WE DO NOT NEED a multimillion-dollar mayor. We need a mayor who can relate to middle-class working people!

RANT FOR SCOTT Peebles and Elaine Johnson. I am tired of seeing these signs all over town popping up.

TO THE PEOPLE who run PBS: TV commercials would be a lot less annoying than the nonstop fundraiser that you do now to get funding.

RANT TO THE Depart­ment of Labor. I was waiting to be called and had to suffer listening to a rude woman repeatedly degrade everyone, including one of her co-workers who rightfully put her in her place. She is the rudest person I have ever seen working in a public place. She was rude to a young man who came in with dreadlocks, asking him where did he think he was going to find a job with his hair like that. Doesn’t she know that a lot of the top leaders in the country, both male and female, have natural hairstyles?

THERE IS NOTHING wrong with Berckmans Road; leave it alone!

I JUST HAVE TO SAY to the man from the Sprint store by the mall – you were wonderful to help that older lady who was trying to leave through the entrance. She must have made a mistake and he was out there directing her and the traffic so she could back up. He was so kind and patient. It made me very happy.

THANK YOU for sponsoring Dancing Stars of Augusta. Thank you, dancers, for your hard work. Thank you, Alz­heimer’s Association of Augusta, for organizing this event.

IT’S RAINING AND there is 4 inches of water in my yard. The drain and drainage ditch I call about 3 or 4 times a year is clogged and our houses are going to flood again. Utilities said to call RCCI. RCCI has prisoners to work on these drains when it’s raining. Why not work on them when it is not raining?