Rants & Raves

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THANK YOU to the Augusta Animal Emergency Clinic for your kind treatment of Harley, my beloved poodle. Thank you for your compassionate care, and the flowers were beautiful.

RAVES TO Sean Butler on the Channel 12 afternoon newscast, but rants for Channel 12’s morning newscast.

RANTS TO Taylor Swift. She needs to get over herself.

IT IS UNBELIEVABLE and ironic that in the 1960s to work for the federal government you had to sign a statement saying you were not a member of the Communist Party. But today the communists are working in Obama’s White House.

YOU CAN GET ALL the fresh vegetables you want at the Barnyard Flea Market every weekend. I go out there every Saturday to get my vegetables, and they are good.

A BIG RANT to the teacher’s aide at Jefferson Elementary School that demanded my sister pay $100 to get her lost dog back.

RANT TO ALL THE Republicans who want Mitt Romney for president. This is the man who bankrupted and looted companies. He sent our factory jobs and other jobs overseas. Look at him living high on the hog. This man has several homes with car elevators; his wife wears $900 blouses. He has money in the Cayman Islands. Americans do not begrudge rich people; however, we do begrudge people who take advantage of the poor and middle class, hard-working people. Romney raided these people’s pension plans while he used this money he stole from the working class to live the good life. Is this the type of president you want?

WHY IS IT The Augusta Chronicle loves to point out negative things when it comes to Dr. Larke? His niece was valedictorian of her school in Blackville, and they would not publish that or even put her picture in the paper. But they can put his son’s picture in the paper and put his name in there like he committed a crime.

I GUESS I WILL HAVE to go back to college and learn how to be a lawyer. That way I can buy marijuana legally in Augusta and I won’t get punished. But woe be to the man who is not a lawyer. They will put you in jail and forget about you. I guess it is all right if you are a prominent lawyer who lives on the hill in Augusta. It’s OK then.

E. COLI OUTBREAK in Georgia! When 92 percent of the population refuses to wash their hands after using the toilet and then they handle all of the restaurant menus, door handles, chairs, tables, shopping carts, the food items they place on the grocery shelves and all of the money we touch. No dang wonder there is E. coli on everything we touch.

RAVES TO THE Augusta Cares hotline. What a great resource.



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

Rants and raves