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A BIG RAVE to Deputy Eas­ler and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office House Watch Program. I received a call around midnight on the first night of our vacation. The deputy saw water pouring from our garage. I was able to get him into the garage and he shut off the water. Based on the amount of water damage and the location of the shut-off valve, he must have gotten soaked to the bone. If it had been allowed to spew for six more days, it would have been disastrous.

RAVE TO THE PRINCIPAL at Hephzibah Middle School. I have sent four kids through HMS. It’s such a blessing to finally have someone who the teachers respect, the kids love and the parents feel comfortable around.

I THINK THE downtown banners are a great way to promote events taking place … but does the Augusta Pride have to “shove it down our throats” for a whole month? I am fine with the LGBT community, but as I keep my decision to be straight and proud to myself, can’t you keep your decision to be gay to yourself?!?

TIGER IS A GOOD GOLFER. Why does he have to win like an egomaniac with his histrionics?

ONLY IN AMERICA would a cellphone be deemed a “right” instead of a “privilege.” We need a priority check in the White House.

RANT TO CCBOE. Where do Columbia County classroom teachers turn when they are bullied and harassed by teachers in their school, administrators in their school and high level administrators at the Columbia County Board of Education office on Hereford Farm Road? PAGE, GAE and CCBOE HR have been contacted and offer no help. If you have a suggestion or know how to help us, please respond!

A LETTER WANTS Medi­caid “tweaked.” You can’t “tweak” socialism. You either kill it or, eventually, it kills you.

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF Education “penalized” South Carolina – essentially a $36 million fine – for “NOT SPENDING enough on special education.” Such tyranny by the federal government must stop.

CAN IT BE TRUE that Paine College, which is having money trouble, is also building a new sports complex costing several million dollars? Is there even one lick of common sense in any of this?



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Rants and raves