Rants & Raves

BIG RAVE TO Columbia County DOT Bus Shop Mechanics who are hardworking guys all year long. I want to take a few seconds to say THANK YOU!


A HUGE RANT TO the “Chatty Cathys” in Section 14 at the Yanni concert. I hope you enjoyed the show because you spoiled it for everyone within 20 feet of you with the running commentary. I bet you are a blast at the movies.

LAST SUNDAY’S editorial quotes section inserted a politically correct bit to Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who never said “Every patient carries HER OR HIS own doctor inside.” Schweitzer said, “Every patient carries his own doctor inside,” the feminine being implied as the English language has done since Mr. English invented his language.

MARBURY V. MADISON was the original case that allowed a bored and power-hungry Supreme Court to invent its right to “interpret” laws. The word “interpret” is nowhere found in the Constitution. But ever since, that court has “interpreted” whatever it bloody well pleased.

SOME DOCTORS ARE concentrating on “patient-centered” care. What else would the care center on, but that of the patient? Is this just modern lingo to confuse? Do warm and fuzzy words that imply greater health necessarily improve anything?

WRDW CHANNEL 12 decides to put the telethon on the High Definition channel and move the final round of the golf tournament to My12 only to find out that there is no audio on My12.

THANKS TO MR. LONG, Mr. Cooper and Ms. Sylvia Cooper for pointing out the ethically challenged candidates who are not financially responsible enough personally, let alone with state or city monies. Ms. Sylvia’s “City Ink” is a humdinger June 3. Tip of my hat to you, dear lady!

WHAT LOVELY NEWS ABOUT Ms. Naomi Williams! She was my English teacher back at Westside. I had quite a struggle but she was always kind enough to keep working with me and I’m so grateful for all her help! I will have to look at her books at the library at least!

A PAKISTANI MAN cut off his wife’s nose because she walked out of their house “without his permission.” For his savage crime he served a measly 10 months in prison. Keep such Sharia “justice” in Pakistan.