Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


FIRST, AND USING LOUSY REASONS, the power grabbers merge colleges. Then in no time they turn around and, again with lousy reasons, split some off. They use completely undefined terms for their reasons, terms like “focused instruction” and “a sense of identity.” What?! Can’t the teachers ID themselves? And “integrate learning.” Goodness, no one uses a term that expresses any clarity. So the only clarity is to look for who profits from all this confusing nonsense? Not the students. Ask yourself, who gets more power or more money?

RANT TO CAR DEALERS WHO say “call for price.” As a buyer, that makes me think that they have different prices for different groups of customers. Raves to the honest ones that establish a fair price and let you make up your mind.

I’VE VOTED FOR AND thought Mayor Copenhaver was a good mayor. But he has made a serious mistake by aligning himself with those Northern liberal Democrats. On the surface being against illegal guns sounds good. In actuality, those Northern liberal Democrats are anti-gun, period. I know; I’m originally from up there and still have family up there. It is very difficult to own a handgun in New York. Rather than properly punish (execute) people who commit felonies with guns, the Democrats would deprive citizens with the ability to defend themselves. Statistically, the vast majority of citizens who own guns legally never commit crimes with them. Democrats, punish the guilty and leave the rest of us alone.

A BIG RAVE FOR SHALONDRA at the KFC in Evans. We drive out of our way to go to that one because Shalondra is such a delight. She epitomizes customer service and knows how to put everyone in a good mood. Plus, Shalondra makes sure the buffet is always well stocked and fresh.

ARE THOSE PEOPLE THAT opened OUR doors and screamed that they are going to cut trash service in half or raise the taxes the same folks that closed OUR doors and voted themselves a raise?