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RANTS TO THE GEORGIA Welcome center on Interstate 20 from North Augusta; it looks like it is closed, weeds and plants not trimmed for many months.

A COLUMBIA COUNTY politician calls a 1 percent sales tax money for an “investment.” Whenever a politician talks about taxes being used as an investment, grab your money and run.

AN INVESTMENT IS a payment for something that MIGHT make a profit. In other words, it’s done for speculative reasons and not to pay for something that is a necessity. So, when politicians talk about taxing you for their investments, remember, it’s not necessary, and it’s a gamble – with your money.

THE VOTERS OF Aiken County need to take note of any elected official who thinks it’s a good idea to raise our taxes any higher and vote them out of office as soon as possible. It’s called “make do with what you have,” just as all of the households do each month.

BEN BERNANKE, the head of the Federal Reserve, says the U.S. economy is growing steadily. The news writer says this is from a survey, “which is anecdotal,” which means it’s not necessarily true. Why does the U.S. government believe an unelected man who has major control of our economy and whose surveys might not be true?

FIVE OF THE 12 finalists on the Miss USA contest did not know the name of our current vice president. Maybe, Joe the Plumber would have been a more memorable VP than Joe the Career Politician.

THE WALKER win in Wisconsin sets the stage for the end of the Democrat regime’s war on the American family.

HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT when a politician fears to say “illegal,” e.g., I used illegal means, he says “inappropriate,” e.g., our actions may have been inappropriate?

REACTING TO CLAIMS THAT Obama’s White House is leaking top secrets to the media to make Obama look like a hero, Obama’s press guy said, “Any suggestion that this admin has authorized intentional leaks … is grossly irresponsible.” Notice that nowhere does he unequivocally deny that Obama made the leaks.



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