Rants & Raves

SEAT BELTS IN cars are not long enough to go around short, fat people who need to have the seat pulled up to reach the pedals. You cannot even get an addition at the garage or parts place, because I have tried.



I WISH SOMEONE would get the idea that we could use an open market here in south Augusta. We need to be able to get fresh vegetables. It would be a good thing and it would be profitable.


WHAT KIND OF MAN calls himself a preacher and takes a gun on visitation to a man’s house?


RAVE TO THE Augusta Chronicle. Thank you for publishing the articles from Walter Williams. Could you encourage him to run for vice president with Mitt Romney?


RANT TO ALVIN Mason. He should not be allowed to sit on the Augusta Commission. If it were anyone else, they would not be there.


I HAVE A FRIEND who doesn’t like the Rants & Raves; she doesn’t read them. But I think they are a lot of fun. They are the first thing I read every morning.


NORTH AUGUSTA needs to change the Carolina flag at the corner of Clifton and Georgia Avenue. It is barely blue at all.


SOMEONE NEEDS TO to run against Wade Padgett. We need a new judge in his place.


HOW CAN A DOCTOR charge you $1,900 for one tooth? I think that is ridiculous. You can’t have a beautiful smile without going poor.


I JUST GOT BACK from looking at the Vietnam Wall. There were two soldiers standing at either end of the wall in their dress-blue uniforms in over 90-degree temperature. Fort Gordon, you should be ashamed of yourselves. It is too hot out there. Get the troops out of the sun.


EVERYTHING IS MOVING to Columbia County. How about sending those Augusta Commission members who don’t know how to run anything? That will solve Richmond County’s problems real fast.


RAVES TO BARBARA Williams, of Augusta. She comes to Harlem every Friday night to teach us about God’s Holy Word. I feel the presence of God when I am in her presence.


I AM VERY SORRY for the 39-year-old gentleman who was shot in traffic the other day. To his friend who ran away, you are a coward. Your friend needs to look for better friends than you.