Rants & Raves

WHILE AT BARNEY’S Pharmacy on Peach Orchard Road on Memorial Day, I locked my keys in my car. There is an off-duty deputy who works security there and I asked him if he had any way to get in the car. He did not. He could, like so many people these days, have left it right there. Instead, he got on his phone and made a call. Five minutes later another deputy arrived and used a device to unlock my car. These two were both officers AND gentlemen! Two of Richmond County’s finest, Thank you.


RANT TO ALL who love driving down Fairington Drive off Tobacco Road and throwing your nasty trash on our yards. Be warned, I have a camera set up so I can see your car and car tag, and I will turn you in. Tell your children also do not litter.

SOME TIME AGO, President Bashar Assad’s father caused 40,000 deaths of his people and the international community did nothing to stop him. Today, we have 20,000 deaths in Syria and the international community has not shown any interest in stopping the slaughter. Apparently a repeat of history!

I’M GLAD THERE are still people out there who would protest using vulgarities in language and thought! It’s too bad most every single movie acts like it should be natural and yet they should film it correctly to cut out profanities or treat it as unnatural. If you can’t keep from swearing when you talk, then don’t talk.

MY HEART BREAKS FOR Paul “The Punisher” Williams. Much light and love to him to be able to get up and about to move young boxers and others to learn from this tragic accident. He can at least teach boxing as well as lessons of life to others and I hope he will do so.

IN RESPONSE TO the question about What-a-Burger/Broad Street Burgers existing - yes it does exist. It’s now called Olde Time Burgers and it’s at 1944C Walton Way where it’s been for the last two years. Same menu and owners---mmm good!!

RANT TO THE Medicaid office in Augusta. When someone turns the paperwork in to update it and they are cut off every time because the people who work there don’t do their job...this is uncalled for. Please check the competency of the people working there.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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