Rants & Raves

THANKS TO ALL for the outstanding fireworks display on the evening of May 19. I’ve seen many fireworks displays in my lifetime, but this has to be very high up on my list. What a splendid show of appreciation and support for our military. They certainly deserve it all.


THIS CONSERVATIVE paper had an editorial the other day claiming how the left-wing bashes the Republicans. That may be true sometimes, but compared to the treacherous, condescending venom that comes from Neil Bortz, Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and occasionally this paper, they make the left sound like Billy Graham.

SO-CALLED LEADERS want to merge two schools that were fine unmerged. Now those same leaders can’t even come up with a name. That’s a lot easier than actually making the merged schools function.

PEOPLE WITH KIDS: Please train or teach your kids manners and courtesy. After a neighbor’s kids came over to beg for a cool drink and snack while extra sweaty, I gave it to them and noted it was a one-shot deal, that their parents should arrange to give them food on the porch when they play outside. I cannot afford to feed them any more.

WHICH DISABLED RIDER and what problem did he/she have with Augusta Transit? I am disabled myself and have only seen great service to myself and every other disabled rider I’ve seen on my almost daily rides.

NOW IS THE TIME for President Obama to show his full support for Israel. With the nuclear negotiations under way with Iran, it would be an ideal time for the president to visit Israel and make it quite clear where he stands on the support of that nation. I do believe that it would expedite a decision from Iran to drop their nuclear program.

DEAR MITT ROMNEY. I love you, and you’ve got my vote. But please stop calling me every day. My husband is getting suspicious.

EDITORIAL CALLS AZZIZ a “visionary leader.” That’s enough to make one run from anybody who’s “visionary.” Azziz claims the schools in Augusta are “not local.” Where is he planning to go with this stuff? Careful, Augusta!

OBAMA HAS NO friends, just dupes. The way Obama has sacrificed the Pakistani doctor who made it possible to ID bin Laden so he could be shot shows that Obama will sacrifice anybody.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

Rants and raves