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HUGE RAVE TO Shirley Christie, David Hartmann and Denice Traina for establishing gardens and teaching residents how to grow their own healthful foods in the Bethlehem, Central Park and Harrisburg communities.

A RAVE FOR THE preschool teacher’s honesty. I think other readers missed her whole point. The gifts were “meaningless” and perfunctory without thought or care. I am a former teacher, and I always dreaded Teacher Appreciation Week in my school. Parents would dump the same old No. 1 Teacher coffee mugs and note pads on me year after year, and I was expected to exclaim over them and to glow with gratitude. I would much rather have had a homemade crayon drawing from the child instead of a mass-market mug made in China. Or better yet, parents, just get your children to do their homework on a regular basis. Now that would be a gift.

BIG RAVES TO the Community Service Program of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office with special praise for Sgts. Massey, Canterbury and Wheeler. Their comprehensive instruction in firearm safety, legal aspects and actual firearm training is exceptional. I recommend this program to all adult citizens of Columbia County and thank each and every member of the large staff that aided every participant.

TO THE PERSON inquiring about What-A-Burger, it is now on Walton Way and is called Olde Time Burgers.


A BIG RANT TO WHOEVER thought of time off or suspension with pay was a punishment. That is nothing but paid vacation ... but only people who work for county, state or federal are eligible for this punishment.


I SAW ON THE front page the other day that it has been decided on what day we will win the war in Afghanistan. On the back page there were headlines warning North Korea about nuclear testing. Exactly what has North Korea to fear from us? Are they afraid that we will forcibly enter their country and spend billions of dollars “to win their hearts and minds”?


I JUST QUIT MY JOB. I plan on getting assistance and EBT. Don’t I get a free cellphone, too? What time does the welfare department open? Obama, you might get my vote next time.


RAVES TO CARRIE at Salvation Army in Augusta. I have worked with her by phone while I get my house there cleaned out, and she is wonderful, very professional yet kind and considerate, too. They have a great employee there!


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

Rants and raves