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RAVES TO Barbara Orr with United Methodist Church in Harlem. She is always helping someone and doesn’t even ask for pay. She is a kindhearted lady. May God bless her and her family.


WITH ALL THE CRIME that teenagers are committing now, their names should be in the paper and their parents’ names should be in the paper.


WHICH STORES ARE putting the pink slime in their hamburger meat? I would appreciate knowing.


NOW THE GREAT IMPOSTER’S administration is going to end Alzheimer’s. Yep. There’s a deadline, y’all. 2025, it’s gonna be over, no more Alzheimer’s cuz the great impostor sez so!! ... Just when you think you’ve heard about all the chutzpah and narcissistic b.s. you think you possibly could from bozo and his bunch of clowns in D.C., there they go again!!


THE NEXT TWO WE NEED TO get rid of after Sen. Lugar is John McCain and Lindsey Graham. We need to get rid of those two RINOs the same way we did Lugar.


SALEM ARMS IS turning into the projects. Everyone is already trying to move to Columbia County. Let the mayor or anyone come and look.


RAVES FOR MIKE at Augusta Amusements for all the wonderful concerts he brings to the Performing Arts center in Columbia County and the wonderful show we had last night: Manny Barnett, a tribute to Patsy Cline. Thanks, Mike; you are doing a great job.


THIS IS A NICE town. Lots of people rant and say it isn’t, but it is. There is lots of human love for one another.


WHY IS THE Augusta Chronicle so bitter toward Paine College? Paine College has contributed so much. Why do you continue to bash Paine College and on our commencement day? I think you are bitter because one or two people don’t like it. With all the good that we do. There are problems everywhere; pick on someone else. I feel so hurt today.


IT LOOKS LIKE I won’t cast a vote for president this year – no one qualified for the office. I haven’t voted since Reagan. I hope all the people who voted for Obama last time are satisfied with your Socialist president.


A GOLF CART WAS stolen from under our carport. This 78-year-old grandmother and great-grandmother would like it back.


IF A GAY COUPLE moved next door to me, worked and paid their way in the world, I would have no problem. If the same couple goes on welfare, lives off the government and become a threat to my tax dollars and future generations, there is a problem. Social issues should not be a part of our government. People should be allowed to do as they please, and if you don’t like it, so be it. Your beliefs are your own, but another person’s choices in life should not be dictated by the government.


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Rants and raves

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Aiken man charged with tax evasion