Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


EVEN WITH TWICE-A-WEEK garbage pickup, there are still people who dump illegally. What’s the point? Just wait for the next pickup day.

TO THE POTENTIAL lawn mower and gas thief on Roy Road. You were in the cross hairs of my shotgun. Next time, you will not be so lucky. You were ID’d and the cops know of you and will charge you for the earlier theft of a lawn mower and leaf chopper, so be forewarned.

LOOKING FIRST to their left, then right is not usable advice for many of the college students I have seen crossing the street because it distracts them from their texting.

HEY, CONSIDER ME A “Sheeple” who “falls for” the self-checkout in grocery stores. Sure beats having some surly cashier acting like they’re doing you a favor by taking your money.

I FIND IT APPALLING that a teacher would criticize a gift and then practically threaten the child with a lower grade.

RAVES TO OFFICER Crosby of the Harlem Police Department. He is a caring person. I am an older lady, and he looked out for me.

SO, JUST WONDERING, what good would 70 virgins be to a successful underwear bomber?

JUST GOT BACK from a 10-day visit to Belton, Austin and Killeen, Texas. All neighborhoods and streets (high, middle and low income) were clean and free from advertisement signs stuck in the ground. Also, not one person wore droopy pants holding their crotch. I am ashamed to tell people that I live in south Augusta.

TO THE PRESCHOOL TEACHER regarding end-of-year gift, how ungrateful! I am a middle school teacher, and I realize that students and parents have no obligation to give teachers gifts.

DID I REALLY just read a rant from a preschool teacher who was complaining about a thank-you gift? What a sad, sad commentary on the state of our society!

RANT TO THE preschool teacher who was upset by his or her gift from a parent. I am a parent who puts thought into teacher gifts – for good teachers, that is.

FOR THE FIRST TIME in our nation’s history, we have a president who openly spoke against the Word of God. Sad.