Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



I AM APPALLED OUR state government will pour out money for drugs and alcohol rehab programs, but cuts budgets for the developmentally disabled who never did drugs, abused alcohol or made wrong choices. Parents struggle every day to find programs in a system that is so fragmented and broken.


WHO IS ALVIN MASON kidding? Last week’s rally on the courthouse steps was nothing more than a protest.


THIS IS A RAVE for the committee who put together the ARC/Westside 40th Class reunion. Between my wife and me, we have attended six class reunions and without a doubt this was way far the best and the best I have ever heard of. The tribute given by Ed Turner was awe-inspiring. Looking forward to the next one.


WHY ARE GEORGIA and South Carolina the only states building nuclear power plants, while the other 48 are building gas-fired plants due to the cheap price of natural gas? Because the rate hikes are easy to obtain. Thanks, PSC!


WONDER WHY ANY HIGH SCHOOL seniors who did not earn a real diploma, are allowed to walk at graduation ceremonies? The seniors who worked hard to pass the tests, and who went that extra mile to receive their high school diplomas should be the only ones to receive honors that special night.


DON’T YOU THINK Alvin Mason should get his own problems sorted out before he even thinks about leading others?


TO THE THREE EMT students from Augusta Technical College who were en route to take their certification and stopped at the accident on I-20 May 11, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic job you guys did.


A CERTIFICATE OF completion does not mean you graduated! It means you failed and you do not get a diploma, but yet get the walk in the EXACT same ceremony as those who earned the right to be there. That seems very unfair.


THIS IS A RANT TO person who stole the paid-for lottery tickets at Greg’s Gas on Georgia Avenue around 10:50 a.m. on May 8. That’s why they didn’t win, they didn’t belong to you. May God bless you…thief.


WE STARTED RECYCLING three years ago. Now we don’t need twice-a-week garbage pick-up. Once for garbage, once for recycling is plenty. Anyone can recycle and cut their garbage way down.