Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



SOME OF THE SENIORS at the senior center have told me that they do not need garbage pickup but that they are forced to pay because it is added to their tax bills. Some of them are losing their homes because they are on a limited income.


IF YOU STOP the garbage collection twice a week, we will not be known as the Garden City; we will be known as the Garbage City.


TO THE PERSON who complained about the loud, boom-box radios in cars in North Augusta, call the police codes officer and complain. Get tag numbers and call them in. They will react.


THE CITY NEEDS to hire someone to clean Magnolia Cemetery. It is not doing the job.


DOES ANYONE KNOW where to buy kraut in the Augusta area? It is like collard greens that is in a jar like sauerkraut. A store on Crawford Avenue used to have it, but they had to retire. Please tell me where I can buy some.


TO THE PERSON running for sheriff who wants to fire higher ups at the sheriff’s department so he can hire more road patrol officers: Is he willing to take a pay cut himself before he starts firing everybody?


RAVES TO Dr. Shaquille O’Neal. How wonderful that he has his doctorate. And they didn’t just give it to him; he earned it. When he speaks to people in the news, he is not arrogant, just nice and kind. If you write him, he writes back. May God bless him.


“BULLYING” is not tolerated in any of the Richmond County schools as far as the students are concerned. What about “bullying” from the principals towards the teachers? Students and parents have witnessed the principals yelling at the teachers so loudly that the students can hear the conversation through closed doors! Someone needs to do something about this.


IN 1980, CEO pay was 42 times that of the average worker. In 2011, CEO pay was 380 times that of the average worker. In 2011, the average pay of the top 10 CEOs was $52.13 million. What part of that “corporate greed” picture do you not understand?