New license plates released across Georgia

Tag offices across Georgia on Monday began issuing the state’s new vinyl license plates, which feature a digitally printed landscape with a peach tree and peaches.


Takiyah Douse, the director of Richmond County’s Main License Tag Office, said that doesn’t mean drivers can trade in their old plates.

“People are going to want the pretty, new ones, but they’re designed to just be updated when tags are lost, stolen or for new vehicles,” she said.

The new tag material is a hard vinyl produced by 3M, Douse said, and the tag number is printed instead of imprinted.

Those changes make production of the tags cheaper, she said, and the new tag is also easier to read from a distance.

Phillip Hammond was in the Augusta tag office Monday getting a license plate for his new car. He said he likes the new design and thinks it will look good on vehicles.

“It’s a little more creative than the old ones,” he said. “I like it a lot.”

He also likes the optional “In God We Trust” motto.

“I would like for that to be on it, since it is in God I do trust,” he said. “I think it’s good that it’s just an option, though.”

The new tag was designed by Linda Sose­bee, of Forsyth, and chosen from more than 500 entries in a contest last year.

According to state guidelines, any license plate issued before Dec. 1, 2003, and having the plate heading “Georgia … on my mind,” will be replaced at the time of registration renewal or a vehicle registered in Georgia for the first time at the county tag office.

Vehicle owners with a license plate issued after Dec. 1, 2003, and having the plate heading including any specialty license plate will be replaced beginning May 2013.

Associated Press reports were used in this article.



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