Rants & Raves

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CYNTHIA MCKINNEY again! She and her loud mouth and rude attitude had scandalized our entire state of Georgia before she hit the international scene. Don’t let her stir Georgia down into the dumps again.


THEY FINALLY DID it and had been trying for years. I guess they had watchdogs at the rec department to dog Beck on everything he did until they came up with something. But if they are going to fire him for what he did, they need to start checking all the departments. It’s too bad we cannot fire the commissioners. None of them know what they are doing.


FEDERAL LAW requires Congress to write and pass a budget. The U.S. Senate has blatantly broken that law for years now.


I’M CONFUSED. The media describe George Zimmerman, the Florida vigilante, as a white-Hispanic and Obama an African-American, even though both have white parents. Would Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson’s rallies be as effective if Zimmerman was said to be Hispanic only?


RAVES TO THE mannequin people on Walton Way. You always brighten my day.


A RAVE FOR President Obama. He saved our nation from the brink of economic disaster caused by the policies of George W. Bush. I am looking forward to his re-election and can hardly wait to vote for him again.


I AGREE WITH THE rant about ghetto blasters. I live in Olde Town, and the noise is terrible. I have seen police drive right past cars that are playing “music” so loud it rattles my windows. Stop them; ticket them. The bad guys are winning.


OUR NEXT SHERIFF needs to be proactive. If there are regular calls about an apartment complex or house, have officers drive by regularly. Make it part of the regular route. You will stand a much better chance of catching the bad behavior or at least discouraging it.


A RANT FOR AL Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Why aren’t you down in Texas marching on that black-on-white crime?


GODSPEED TO Frank Herndon. Thanks for all the memories at the Academy of Richmond County.


Mon, 09/25/2017 - 10:17

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