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BEFORE I COULD write a thank you for the exceptional care I received in Trinity Day Surgery, I received a card from the staff wishing me a speedy recovery and thanking me for choosing Trinity. Thanks, Angela, Patricia, Debbie, et al., for the care you gave me. Thanks also to Peggy Best and Brooke for the support you gave me.


FINALLY, PEOPLE WHO apply for welfare will have to pass a drug test before they can receive benefits. It is about time.


MR. MAYOR of Thom­son: Why is a burned-out shell of a building still standing in a highly visible area of our city?


THERE SHOULD BE more responsibility from parents and family for all of these unforeseen accidents. More care should be taken.


SRS RETIREES, I have driven through your facility many times on my way to the coast. I think I have toenail cancer; when can I get my check?


WHO DIED AND made Dr. Azziz king of Rich­mond County? This is get­ting ridiculous that this man is running the city of Augusta. It functioned for a long time before he got here. If he was on the ballot, he would be voted out.


WHAT IS IT ABOUT closing all of these streets? Don’t these people know how to cross the street on their own? That is the problem – not the traffic, not the speeders, but people not paying attention to what is coming towards them and waiting for the light.


THIS IS A RANT for the trash service in Rich­mond County. It was just fine until the county super brains took control. It has been messed up ever since. It costs people jobs, put some out of business. Just like the federal level, they don’t care who they hurt as long as they can make money.


THIS IS A RANT to the teachers who get drunk at Mi Rancho each week. You are supposed to be professional and be role models to today’s children. However, you come into the restaurant, get drunk, get loud and slur your words when singing karaoke. Richmond County board members need to visit Mi Rancho and see these teachers in action. It is a disgrace to education.


I WONDER WHERE the Christians were the day we voted for Sunday alcohol sales. I noticed 11,802 drunks got out and voted for it. I certainly hope that these people who voted for Sunday sales never have one of their family members get in a wreck with someone who bought alcohol on Sunday.



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Rants and raves

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Shutdown would hit Augusta hard