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A RANT TO COLUMBIA COUNTY. Get over yourselves, and stop letting these so-called Republicans run things. Matter of fact, half of them do not own anything, just the shirt on their backs, and love to put illegal things in the black community after dark, “making money” as if no one can read between the lines.


MRS. OBAMA IS the first lady of the United States. Her duties, as with prior first ladies, involve much more than staying at the White House raising the kids while the husband works. They are public servants, as well. Also, review your historical facts. Many of the first ladies had their own careers and taxpaying jobs before their husbands became president. To single out Mrs. Obama in defense of Mrs. Romney shows your true colors. She is not the first first lady ever, just the first one of color, and THAT is why people have issues with her. Isn’t she a stay-at-home mom – really! The position of first lady is a full time position: ask Hillary, Laura Bush, et al. This shouldn’t even be an issue if we really do have freedom of choice.


IT SEEMS LIKE THE only rants and raves printed are anti-Obama. Is this a true reflection of the readers and the person(s) who select which comments to publish? It would be nice to read differences in opinions.


TO THE PERSON ASKING WHY a woman officer doesn’t run for sheriff in Richmond County, it’s simple. Just like the golf course in Augusta, she is not one of The Good Old Boys. Have to be a male or a Good Old Boy to do anything in Augusta.


I HAVE FOUR “indoor only” cats that I willingly accepted into my home. In addition, I have two sometimes indoor, sometimes outdoor strays who came to me starved for food and affection and very much in need of a vet. Please have some compassion for all the unloved, uncared-for pets in our area and encourage all you know to spay and neuter.


YOUR EDITORIAL SAYS the school board must be “compassionate” about the sick superintendent. How about compassion for the students and the taxpayers? It’s tragic that Roberson is sick, but if he is, he is thus unqualified and must be taken care of but not kept in an office he clearly is not handling – at all. Cut his pay back to something reasonable, disqualify him and take him out of office, and hire a true superintendent, not another interim. You can’t let compassion sink the ship.



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