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FOR YEARS WE HAVE allowed our children to use our badges at the Masters, and have stayed home to watch it on television. The coverage was incredible under the direction of the late Frank Chirkinian. This year was the worst. We live close to the National and could hear the roars of the crowd, and all we saw was plays from years gone by. Also, too many commercials.


WELL, I SEE AZZIZ is finally learning about some diplomacy in running his kingdom. Agreeing to compromise per a former idea that was never put through is much better. Just plain closing down a busy, necessary street of Laney-Walker in a historic neighborhood just could not make sense when at least two high schools have no problems whatsoever for their students.


THE AUGUSTA TRANSITIONAL CENTER, in reality what’s supposed to be a prison, says it counsels prisoners on parenting, health, housing, victim impact(?), human reproduction, stress, work adjustment, etc. Meanwhile recently FOUR prisoners have simply “walked away” from this place that is supposed to keep prisoners penned up. This could not happen if the “inmates” were called “PRISONERS,” and were chained and made to do hard labor.


THE GEORGIA CAMPAIGN for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention ran a survey. If they want a close approximation of true statistics, take a look at any big super market check-out line. Look for young-looking girls with a kid (or more), pushing a cart piled high with groceries, and paying with welfare of one kind or another. Just count those and you’ve got your survey.


JUST IMAGINE IT – a nice spring day in downtown Augusta. You and your wife decide to have a picnic lunch by the river. Then you get to Riverfront drive, not one, but both picnic shelters are taken by the inmates from the local jail. Most every day they take one but today they have taken both and not just for 30 minutes but from before 11:30 until after 12:30.


I WAS TURNING INTO my road when I saw two women dragging a girl on pavement; she looked about 9. I’m only three houses away so I parked my car, called 911 and walked to them. The woman said... yes I’m beating her to teach her not to run away. I told her that was the wrong way. The cops came, stayed a while and left without arresting either woman. Is that not child abuse?



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