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HOW DOES DR. Ricardo Azziz have the authority to close two lanes of traffic on a public road?


CONCERNING SYLVIA Cooper’s column: “Commissioners voted behind closed doors ...” It seems like this is becoming the norm when dealing with MCG these days. First the Augusta State University takeover, then the ditching of Walmart for some “gateway” that likely doesn’t come with groceries, and soon it will be the Golf Hall of Fame for student housing. Come on, folks, do you really feel like you can’t make a difference?


A RANT TO RICHMOND County law enforcement: Isn’t there an ordinance pertaining to loud mufflers and the obnoxious “ghetto blasters” in our community? Why don’t you enforce it? Or are you too busy nabbing guests at the Masters Tournament for scalping and shooting radar on Bobby Jones Expressway and Interstate 20?


CONGRESS MUST go back and study how the federal government was financed before the federal income tax. The founding fathers had it worked out so that – and with no income tax, which they debated and rejected – when the economy dropped, so would government revenue, thus there was an automatic governor on government spending. The only way to fix the income tax is to end it. Nothing else will work, since to fix it would leave it in existence so it could once again grow into the monster it is.


RACIALLY MOTIVATED or not, Treyvon Martin’s death looks suspiciously like murder by a sad authority figure wannabe who prejudged him and violated his most sacred human right. It also appears that justice was very nearly prevented because of the horrific “stand your ground” (aka “I feel threatened”) law so poorly crafted by state legislative ideologues or their string pullers. We should be grateful to civil rights leaders and others who focused the nation’s conscience upon a case that might otherwise have been ignored and forgotten.


IT’S TOO BAD RICK Santorum dropped out; he was providing some nice relief to Mitt Romney’s ridiculous, bombastic nonsense. I hope Newt Gingrich stays to give us comic relief from time to time and run out Romney’s Cayman Island funds.


Wed, 08/23/2017 - 23:30

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