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WHAT IS THAT smelly smell that I smell every morning on my way to work? It sure does stink.


HOW MANY MORE accidents and near misses at Furys Ferry and Washington Roads before the pretty shrubbery is trimmed back to give motorists merging right from Furys Ferry to Washington Road a clear view of traffic coming up the hill? Or are we going to have to pay out on a lawsuit first?


THE CHRONICLE seems to accuse George Zimmerman of having a bad “attitude.” If attitude is a crime, then everybody in the world is a criminal.


THE RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education makes me wonder whether the people have any sense. The transportation department is falling apart because of the man you got running it. I am a driver of 25 years and I am looking for a new job. Maybe Venus Cain and Marion Barnes might better go to Augusta Tech to get training to become a bus driver because they are going to need you to drive.


RICK MCKEE’S Bubba cartoon was tacky, to say the very least. Could it
be that he was rooting for Tiger Woods? Shame, shame.


ANYONE WHO CAN have so much venom for cats that they rant to the paper about it, and call people who care for cats “sick” needs some serious psychological attention. There are quite a few therapists in the region; please avail yourself.


DIDN’T MCG ALREADY change its name to GHSU? That name change cost a lot of money. If GHSU is a brand-new name, why are they searching for another new name?


GHSU PRESIDENT Ricardo Azziz plans to make Laney-Walker Boulevard less wide to make it safer because of traffic, both cars and pedestrians. How much money and confusion will that cost taxpayers? Did Azziz ever hear of a traffic light?


A RANT TO THE PERSON who could not find enough at Goodwill. Go to Catholic Social Services; they have plenty and are in no danger of running out anytime soon.


TO ALL WHO ARE going to have a yard sale: Put in a street address. Putting in the subdivision name does not get it. No one knows where all the subdivisions are located. With one address in the subdivision, we can find it by using MapQuest or GPS.



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Rants and raves

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