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THE APRIL 11 EDITORIAL cartoon is awful, comparing Bubba Watson, the latest winner of the Masters, to a slob redneck. He taught himself golf, is a Christian and seems to be a very nice, well-grounded young man. All people that live in mobile homes are not slobs either. You need to be more than a good artist to do these cartoons. Maybe you should research the subject more before doing the cartoon.


THE RICHMOND COUNTY school system is trying to “recruit more qualified school bus drivers.” With unemployment so high, you’d think there’d be hundreds of people looking for such jobs. Why aren’t there? Because so many would rather live off welfare and food stamps. Cut off the welfare and watch people flock to get driver jobs.


SHAME ON THE PERSON that took my Macy’s bag with my Clinique purchase and free gift I had just purchased and paid for. The receipt has my name on it, not yours. I went right back to where I had left it, but you took it already. Don’t think you got away with it, because God knows you took it.


HOW POMPOUS of Exxon Mobil to run five different commercials during the Masters stating how stupid our children are. It is self-serving and nothing else.


I WOULD LIKE TO RAVE to Cole Funeral Home in Aiken. Mr. Cole understood our family’s loss and went above and beyond to carry out our wishes. His kindness, attention to detail and professionalism were second to none.


WE WERE VISITING from Santa Barbara, Calif., and this is our first Mas­ters. Augusta Na­tional has to be the most beautiful golf course in the world. One suggestion, though: Your Web site should list the areas of town to avoid. We must have made a wrong turn and ended up in an area called “Deans Bridge.” Stopped at an intersection, we had eggs thrown at our rental car. The area looked like some Third World slum. I doubt city leaders want visitors like us seeing that side of town. It was truly frightening.


ABOUT OBAMACARE and the Supreme Court, Charles Krauthammer writes that Obama was “taken aback” and is “losing to logic.” What Obama is doing is panicking. He says he taught constitutional law, yet he can’t seem to figure out even the basics of that subject, so every day he contradicts himself, the law, the Constitution and all common sense.



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