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MY WATER BILL HAS a 3 percent rate hike but the fancy flier from Augusta Utilities says “doing more with less …” Thanks, Augusta-Richmond County!


THE SC EDUCATION OVERSIGHT Committee wants “more” tax money wasted on students who promise to become school teachers. The program was “created in 1984.” If it hasn’t worked, in 28 years, it ain’t gonna work. How do we keep electing such numbskulls?


LET’S SEE. MY INCOME for 2010 is down by about 10 percent and the tax I owe is up about 5 percent. Not the change I was hoping for.


IF TIGER WOODS WAS a college coach, he would be fired like Petrino for his unspeakable shenanigans on and off the golf course. Petrino brought great shame to the University of Arkansas and Tiger shames the PGA Tour and the Masters Tournament in the same way.


CHANGE CUTS GRAD RATES? When “educators” used a formula that was off by 26 percent, it’s clear the whole thing was a scam from the beginning. Can’t we see that a graduation rate is simply a ratio of kids who graduate to kids in school? Only politicians and statisticians can complicate such simple things.


A RANTER WANTS TO take energy companies away from the free market; to “end oil speculation.” Without speculation, there’d be no money to search for oil, nor to drill for it, nor to pump it. How sad that so many Americans are so ignorant of what made their country the freest and wealthiest in history.


(JAY) CARNEY, THE dolt who briefs the press, needs to get the chip off his shoulder. He believes he is smarter then the average citizen and becomes hostile when questioned by reporters, especially Fox reporters about Obama’s remarks concerning the Supreme Court. His first response seems always to be Obama was misquoted. I am sure millions of knowledgeable citizens understand the English language much better then Carney or should I say CORNEY?


RANT TO THE individual that stated that Obama was a great president and we should thank him for the $250 that he gave everyone. Obama didn’t give anyone anything. He forced taxpayers to give $250 to non-taxpayers.


SO THE GSA got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Who do you think set the example for the GSA!



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