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LEAVE THE STADIUM where it is and stop harassing the public about relocating it. Leave it and make improvements. It would cost less and Columbia County residents don’t like to drive way downtown.


AUGUSTA CHRONICLE, you don’t promote peace either because you keep drawing President Obama’s ears as big I don’t know what.


THEY TOOK AWAY all the beautiful trees and landscaping around I-20 leading to Washington Road and into South Carolina. Now they have taken away our beautiful trees along Gordon Highway at Bobby Jones Expressway. The Garden City is becoming an asphalt and concrete jungle.


EVERY TIME YOU turn around there is something in the news about someone being murdered. Young males equate killing someone with stealing a cookie from a cookie jar. They don’t attach much gravity to the taking of another human life.


WHY ARE ALL these people walking around in their pajamas? Grocery store, post office, schools? I think something should be done about it. It is ridiculous.


RANTS TO THE demonstrators in Sanford, Fla. Let the law handle this. The demonstrators must be on government assistance to give them the time to do this. Make them clean their mess before they go home.


I’D LIKE TO KNOW who forgot to clean up U.S. 25 and Bobby Jones? They are cleaning up the north side of town but not the south.


STORES IN EVANS, please use weed control, you are making Evans look bad for Masters week.


THANK YOU, Richmond County voters, for passing the 1 cent tax for schools. Now you have taken care of the physical plants. How about taking care of the teachers and students? To even suggest a 15-day furlough for teachers next year is ludicrous.


GEORGIA LAWMAKERS passed a bill to revoke bonuses for teachers who cheat on standardized tests. Why not pass a bill to lock up teachers – and administrators – who commit such fraud? Georgia lawmakers used to be tough.


SHAME ON THE Mayor of Blythe for the war on RV campers. Recently, my house has burned and both of my parents have passed on. I’m homeless, and a camper home is all I have.



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