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WHY ARE ALL these young kids getting killed (Where are the parents)? Somebody should be held responsible.


PEOPLE, PLEASE keep your cats in your yard. Everybody does not like the creatures, especially their smell and all the other nasty things they do.


THE SOUTHSIDE MAFIA needs to make a comeback. Those of us who live south of Gordon Highway have no representation. My commissioner for the 6th District seems to be more concerned about ballparks downtown than in working for the needs of south Augusta.


I AGREE WE SHOULD have contraceptives because the taxpayer is paying for every one of these illegitimate children to be born and their mothers to raise them.


A SAD RANT to all the wasted money and energy spent to stop two gay people from getting married – energy better spent feeding the needy or educating our kids.


I AM A PARENT of kids at a local middle school. I heard a public safety officer yelling at a young student in the hallway about his mother going to court. Everyone in the hallway didn’t need to know this family’s business. They were trying to humiliate that child.


MARY ANN and the staff at Regions Bank on Columbia Road are unbelievably efficient. If I had another home to refinance I’d do it again tomorrow!


THANK YOU SO MUCH to the kind person who turned in my charge card at the fuel station at Kroger on Washington Road. I wish I knew who you are!


AS A RESIDENT of an apartment building at 10th and Greene streets, I am tired of all the complaints about the church bells ringing every hour. I thoroughly enjoy hearing the bells and was saddened when they turned down the volume. It is not disturbing the peace for the church to ring their bells. I hope they know that they have supporters; we just don’t voice our opinions as “loudly” as others.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – The liberal media and Hollywood socialites can say what they want about conservatives in front of packed audiences and with the president/first lady in attendance, and not an eyebrow is raised. What kind of president would attend a function and a rapper sings a song with an obscene title while extending his middle fingers to the audience?



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

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