Rants & Raves

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CONCERNING STRAY CATS: I’ll take a stray cat over a stray kid any day. So all you kid lovers kindly keep your kids in your yard and out of mine, off of my car, out of my tree, out of my shrubs etc. … And be sure to keep all of his candy wrappers, pop cans, snack bags and – here’s one you’re gonna love – his cigarette butts right there with him.

IS GREENBRIER the only high school in the CSRA? Why does Columbia County get all the coverage regarding high school sports? Where are the pictures and stories from Richmond County schools? Every local high school sport is coming out of the Columbia County Bureau. Do we not have a Richmond County Bureau?

RANTS TO THE STUDENTS at Paine College who are protesting. Is it not enough that they are getting a free education?

I THINK THAT WJBF should have more than the same two survivors on their commercials. There are a lot of survivors out there who want to tell their stories.

I DO NOT SUPPORT any ban on smoking. I think the government should get out of people’s personal business and let them live freely, abiding the law.

RAVES TO TINA and Ms. Vivian at Trinity Hospital. I was almost vomiting I was so nervous. They had me laughing and I forgot about being nervous. You guys are great. Thanks for everything.

A RAVE TO THE ACLU: Thank you so much for fighting so hard to protect the rights and liberties of American citizens (as long as you aren’t a Christian or Jew, that is)!

REGARDING THE CUTTING OF teachers and parapros in Columbia County schools: These teachers and parapros are needed in the classrooms for the students. They do not need all of the secretaries in these schools. Why not cut those jobs and leave the teachers in the classroom where they belong?

I SEE SO MUCH venom about President Obama. I wonder if he was a white man doing the same thing, would we have any complaints in The Augusta Chronicle.

A HUGE RAVE to the person who found my flowered wallet in the Bi-Lo parking lot on Aiken-Augusta Highway and had it returned to me. Thank you so much. You are a blessing.



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