Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS he can’t do anything about the high gas prices. Remember that when you vote in November. It’s time for change!


WHY CAN’T we have a St. Paddy parade without the other non-Irish people? The Irish are being diluted in their one- day event.


HERE’S A PLAN: Mitt for prez; Rick for VP; and Newt for Sec State.

WHY CLOSE PUBLIC MEETINGS? The only reason seems to be to give cover to politicians. If politicians are acting legally and morally, why should they need cover?


CONGRATULATIONS TO the Laney basketball champs. Now – how is Laney doing academically?


OF COURSE HE WON’T, but Obama should let Israel handle the Iran nuke threat problem.


A PRO-ATHLETE will get $132 million to catch a football. America has gone bonkers! To catch a ball.


A RAVE TO THE company that fixed the patched area on Louisville Road. Much, much better


A RANT TO THE Columbia County BOE for even considering letting go teachers and para-pros. If the higher-ups would trim their salary just a little bit, you wouldn’t be putting men and women out of work and overcrowding the classrooms. Yeah we know how much make...


RAVES TO Congress­man John Barrow for arranging the health fair Thursday. I surely appreciated the chance to see that my blood pressure was way too high and had to be checked on after all from now on. And I had no idea how much the hospitals can do nowadays with senior programs.

With so many unemployed people, surely some of them could work during the night on the construction work?


RAVES TO THE new food writer, Danielle Moores. I don’t know how long she’s been writing it but I finally noticed the second food review now. Keep up the good work! We like the details of the menu and any steps to certain food ceremonies such as how to “inhale” the Pho Bac hot pot. Now can you tell us which are the top three places to serve REAL Chinese foods, please?