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LET’S WORK UNDER the table and get paid cash, live on public assistance and food stamps, have children but tell the social worker you have no idea who the fathers are. Then receive child support, have a car and go to Disney for a week. It sounds pretty good to me. When are the working people of America going to get fed up?


THE FREE contraception program for women can only lead to promiscuity and eventually more disease – including AIDS. Which irresponsible person came up with this program and then labeled it a “women’s health issue”?


CONCERNING THOSE who do not want a Walmart near the downtown area: We all don’t have cars or have time to take the bus ride for a day and a half to Deans Bridge Road. Be kind. Let us enjoy a Walmart, too. Those in my neighborhood who can drive are going over to North Augusta, anyway. The medical college wants to take our streets and would like us to have nowhere to shop.


SHAME ON RUSH Lim­baugh and the people who judge women taking contraceptives. There are medical reasons of a nonsexual nature for taking the pills. I don’t see a huge number of people rushing to take care of or even adopt the unwanted kids in American orphanages or foster homes. No, people fight to get ahold of kids in foreign countries. For those who are anti-abortion, you should be in favor of contraceptives to stop the kids from being produced.


ALL YOU CAT lovers: Keep your cat in your yard.


THANKS FOR THE old Augusta pictures; we enjoy looking at them. Please continue to post them; include Thomson, Waynesboro and Columbia County.


A RAVE TO Erick Montgomery, of Historic Augusta, and Dottie Demarest, of the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library, for offering a walking tour of Telfair and Greene.


MICHELLE MALKIN DOES not have a one-track mind, as a contributor stated. Finding something negative about President Obama is like eating at a mega-buffet – so much to choose from.


THE ONLY REASON the Democrats and the NAACP do not want the new voter ID laws is simple: One person can cast only one vote, not several votes in different states.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves