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CONGRATULATIONS, Laney Wildcats! I am a ’64 graduate. Girls, you will get yours, too.


WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND. MCG can’t be upset about the Walmart secret meeting because the Board of Regents had secret meetings about the ASU/MCG merger.


A RANT FOR THE person who is reading my paper that I paid for this morning. I am glad that you decided that the paper in my front yard was yours for the taking. You are mighty brave! I will make sure in the future that when I notice my paper in the yard that I get it so that you will have to find someone else’s.


LAW STUDENT SANDRA FLUKE claims she has a right to taxpayer contraception costing up to $3,000 a year. Since it can cost as little as $9 per month, can using $3,000 worth leave her any time for law school?


A HUGE RAVE TO the staff of St. John Towers. What a wonderful pageant you put on for the residents. The nine ladies had a great time, and the event was very enjoyable for the residents and their families.


A RANTER THINKS Southern Baptists can “boost the convention’s corporate image” by changing its name. Christian churches exist to spread Jesus’ Gospel, not to be “corporate images.”


TO THE DRIVER or parents of the driver whose speeding BMW went out of control in Chimney Hill on March 12 at approximately 9:30 a.m., hit and went over a curb, damaged a Comcast box, slogged through a lawn and obviously damaged the car (you left broken parts and pieces), come forward now before you are found (didn’t you see the Columbia County radar device with the camera)? To automobile collision companies, car dealerships, insurance companies, etc., notify Columbia County Sheriff’s Office if you know the owner or driver. Your children could have been on that lawn.


IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE Jimmy Carter, you were known as a Republican. If you didn’t like Bill Clinton, you were known as a conservative. If you don’t like Barrak Obama, you are known as a racist.


WHAT A JOY TO see the Lucy C. Laney High School boy’s basketball team on the front page of Sunday’s Augusta Chronicle. Congrats to this team on a well-deserved honor. Go Wildcats!



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Rants and raves

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