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THIS IS A RANT to the person who stole my son’s truck over the weekend. Unlike you, he is a young man who is holding down a legal job trying to provide for his family. You are a thug, and eventually you will be caught and locked up with the rest of them.


BOE SPECIAL PURPOSE local option sales tax: The problem with a 1 percent tax is the local taxpayers pay twice. Once at the register and then taxed again April 15. This is fine except for some families have no children to enjoy these fine schools. The other part that rubs me wrong is that the bids go to out of town .


WILL SOMEONE PLEASE tell us why the highway department felt the need to do repairs on Bobby Jones Expressway during the heaviest traffic times? They have cars backed up for several miles every day and make it impossible to get anywhere on the other side of town. This makes us late for work, meetings, medical appointments, etc. It looks like we should hire someone who will these repairs when the traffic flow is down ...like during the night!! It has been done in the past and worked out, so why not now? It just makes a lot more sense to me!


THE NEW OPERATORS OF The Patch have done more work in two months than the city did in years of management. Membership is way up; it is clean and offers a professional atmosphere to users. The SPLOST monies should be given to them. The property is still the “city’s” and any improvements will revert back to the city at the end of the lease. If the monies had been spent when allocated, the course may very well never have been leased out because it would have been played a lot more. It is by far the best deal in town and is a very challenging course.


HERE IS A RANT for WGAC. You say 24 hours news, weather and traffic station. I have yet to hear a weather report at night when we get bad weather in the area. I have yet to hear a breaking news report at night. The only news you have is during 8 to 5 when someone reads the paper to us. And as far as traffic. Really???? Wow you missed that to.

I think you need to stop false advertising that you are a 24-hour news, weather and traffic station.


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Rants and raves