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MY MECHANIC WANTS to thank you (and possibly the county) for knocking my steering out of alignment each and every day as I pass over those railroad tracks on River Watch Parkway. You really help stimulate the economy.

FORT GORDON’S barracks don’t need redesigning, especially when government and taxpayers are flat broke.

I WOULD LIKE TO thank the female customer in the drive-through of Chick-Fil-A on the morning of March 9 for the gift card. As a deputy for the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, we seldom feel appreciated for the job that we do. Because of your thoughtfulness and kindness, I was able to purchase breakfast for two other members of my law enforcement family, and they expressed their gratitude, too. It’s people like you who make our job worthwhile, and I regret that I wasn’t able to personally thank you.

THE GOLF COURSE is not privately owned. It is a city-owned golf course. The management right now is private, but improvements would be for the benefit of the city and its taxpayers. Those taxpayers voted for the money to fix the golf course several years ago.

A RANT TO Evans High School. We attended a soccer game. There was no flag on the flag pole, no national anthem was played and there was no introduction of the players before the game. There was a baseball game being played at the same time. I guess soccer is second fiddle to baseball even though it is the No. 1 sport in the world.

IT SEEMS DR. RICARDO Azziz is not too pleased over the Wal-mart property issue and especially not being able to get his way. I guess Wal-mart was not quite what Azziz had in mind as part of the great vision of GHSU.

A RANT FOR ANYONE who is going to be voting for Obama. If he is re-elected, expect $8 per gallon gasoline and we will be in worse shape than Greece or anybody else.

PRESIDENT OBAMA does not plan to do anything concerning the high price of gas. Instead, he wants Congress to approve $1 billion in grants for fuel-efficiency technology. This is another one of Obama’s so-called bright … schemes.

TO THE HOMEOWNER on Knob Hill Circle with the dogs that are left out 24/7. Your neighbors all around you have to listen to them barking all day while you are at work and then into the night while you are at home.


Thu, 07/27/2017 - 23:04

Rants and raves