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THE AIKEN COUNTY Tax Assessors need to do a better job. If these stores owe $700,000 or more, they could collect all those taxes and they wouldn’t have to go up on our property taxes.


I HAVE MOSTLY solved my issue with high gas prices. … I drive less. Problem solved!


A RANT TO OUR government. You keep mentioning means-testing for seniors to receive Social Security. You need to means-test for Medicaid and food stamps. If they are driving gas-guzzling luxury SUVs with chrome rims we are giving them too much money. The cuts need to come from Medicaid before anything else because that is where all the fraud is.


A HUGE RAVE to Sheryl James and the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library for hosting the inaugural Augusta Literary Festival.


THIS IS A RAVE to Lakeside Middle School students who were standing in front of the judge with their pants up around their waist and a belt on. That was a miracle. It was delightful to see on the front page of The Augusta Chronicle.


I AM FED UP with being 1-cent taxed. When is it going to stop?


A RANT TO THE real reason gas prices are out of control … oil speculation. It’s time to end it.


I RECOMMEND THAT all pay to U.S. senators and their staffs be immediately suspended until they pass a budget and get back on the job. If this were a business in which employees stopped doing their job, they would be terminated.


MY HUSBAND, A contractor, is out hunting people to start a job. Nobody shows up. Don’t blame the economy. When it tanked, we had plenty of foreign workers. They worked for reasonable pay, and their work was better than those who are left. Someone in Columbia County got their feelings hurt (they knew what was going on.) Now we have to hunt people who are sober and want to work. We have to share all the good ones.



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Rants and raves

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