Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RANT TO WHOEVER paved/patched Louisville Road. It’s worse now than before.


MY GUESS IS that Sarah Palin would be running for president right now except for one problem. She couldn’t win a debate with a 4th grader.


FLAGS SHOULD be adjusted only for heroes and sheroes. Now can we get the bank at Daniel Village to replace that tattered flag?


A BIG RAVE TO the Paine College history students for their work and costumes for the tour of Cedar Grove Cemetery. You all Rock! And a big Rave and thanks too to the really smart lady who noted all kinds of information during that tour as well.


A BIG RAVE TO the hosts of the film showings for The Steering Committee and Stars and Bars Aflame. Also Big, Big RAVE to the filmmakers Hodges Usry and Banks Pappas respectively for their films. They both made sure to honestly depict painful parts of our history during the 1960s and 1970s of the discrimination, riots, protests, etc. with a wonderful visual as well as audio impact.


RAVES TO THE Augusta Players production of Chicago. Excellent job by the cast, musicians, and production staff. Thanks for providing a memorable night of entertainment and fun.


IS THERE A bigger display of hypocrisy than the Oscars presentation? Billy Crystal was trying to make a joke when he said that nothing takes our minds off hard times like a bunch of millionaires giving each other golden awards. Very funny.


YOU GUYS ARE gonna mess around and let Obama get elected again. What a sad day.


TO THE COLUMBIA COUNTY sheriff’s deputy who was tailgating me on I-20 Feb. 22, I was passing an 18-wheeler running the posted speed limit of 70 mph. I could see your teeth in my rear view mirror you were so close. Thank the Good Lord that I am an experienced driver. Had this been my newly licensed child, imagine the wreck that could have ensued due to your aggressive driving and tailgating.


IF YOU DON’T PAY any or very much income tax, what is your beef?