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THE ENERGY POLICY touted recently by President Obama sounded a lot like his plan way back in 2008. So what has he done since 2008? He spent half a billion dollars of our taxpayer money on a company (Solyndra) which went bust. Spending millions on companies like Ener1, Xide, etc., with no results. Stopped the Keystone XL pipeline from becoming a reality, which cost us thousands of jobs and weakened our move towards energy independence.


I WOULD LIKE TO give a HUGE RAVE to the staff who was working Feb. 13 in Triage at the VA hospital (night shift) when my heart stopped beating. It was a scary experience. And a special thank you to Danny, who comforted me when I thought I was gonna die.


THE 2012 ITALIAN-American Pasta Festival at the Greek Orthodox church was very impressive. Thank you to all the members and their families who worked so hard. It’s on my calendar for next year!


AS A BLACK RCBOE teacher, I have a rant to RCBOE for allowing a celebration of Black History Month. Black history should be taught in conjunction with all history. You can’t teach students that race does not matter but then throw race in everyone’s face for one solid month!


RANT TO THE Richmond County Schools: Start supporting your teachers! Bring discipline back and drop the socialist mentality that all children should be in schools — chronic trouble makers should be shown the door, so the innocent learners can excel. What a difference that would make.


REMEMBER WHEN THE world hated us because of Bush? Yes, they love us so much now that they are killing U.S. workers and soldiers in Afghanistan while burning effigies of Obama, while Iran is threatening us with annihilation. Thanks for the change!


HUGE RAVE TO THE guy in a red Columbia County T-shirt who found my debit card in the Dollar General parking lot on Columbia Road and found me in the store to return it to me!!! Thank You.


IF THE CCBOE had attended the Georgia All State Choral program in Savannah, they would think twice about reducing the school music programs. Our students underwent two difficult auditions to join kids from around the state to provide some of the best music that you will ever hear. Too bad we favor athletics to bring in the money.



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NAHS band director, Aiken band honored