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A RANT TO THE Rich­mond County Board of Education: Why do you waste money on tribunals? Give principals the power back and allow them to make decisions over expulsions and suspensions.

YOUR CHILDREN are daily subjected to verbal abuse, profanity, sexual harassment, racial slurs and physical violence. This is all happening in your child’s classroom, in the hallways, in the bathrooms and on the bus. Go to your child’s school and observe for three hours. You will be shocked at what you see and hear. Do something.

I WANT TO RAVE ABOUT the very good care my wife experienced at Doctors Hospital (knee replacement) and a special thanks to Lyn on nights and Mary and Mary Beth on days (physical therapy).

GEORGIA POWER CO. worked to restore power to all customers with the assistance of out-of-town crews. My son, who works in Canton, Ga., called near the end of his workday to tell me that he and others from the Canton station were on the way here. The trucks are very large and move at a relatively slow pace. They expected to be here by 9 p.m. and worked the rest of the night, probably a 23-hour workday for them. In an emergency we forget about those who work such long, hard hours for our comfort and convenience. Don’t we owe them some recognition for their efforts?

TEACHERS IN AUGUSTA are forced to run our public schools like prisons because it’s the only way we can protect the good kids from the bad kids. Assigned seats at lunch. Silent lunch. No one goes to the bathroom unless accompanied by a teacher. No one can get out of their seat. No group work. No talking. Lockdowns. Book bag searches. No talking in hallways. Walk in single file. Eyes straight ahead. Touch no one. And this is to be a learning environment?

JAYWALKING IS against the law. If the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office
would sit on the Rey­nolds Street side of the Augusta Chronicle there would be no money problems. These educated people who work there constantly jaywalk and when one of them is hit because of jaywalking I will be the first in line to speak for the driver of the car that hits them.

WOULD SOMEONE please tell me why you think e-mail is secure? The IRS, Bank of America, the Pentagon and many other institutions disagree with you.


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Rants and raves