Rants & Raves

FOR THE PEOPLE who live with someone for sexual purposes, then complain about them and their actions after moving out: You should not live together for sex without marriage. See what happens when you break up and move apart?



I’M A SOUTHERN Baptist and I don’t like the name change at all.


GOODNESS, BILL KIRBY. Your Monday Feb. 20 column is the complete opposite of what could help our Augusta Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau. Can’t you think of anything positive besides the Masters? How about a postcard of the Augusta GreenJackets? A postcard of the RiverHawks team? A postcard of your top 5 favorite eateries? (In Augusta).

You owe us a postcard, Bill.


A RAVE TO THE kind gentleman who brought us the beautiful red roses. Augusta Gardens’ residents are thoroughly enjoying them. God bless you for your gift and the smiles it has brought our residents.


THANK YOU, THANK you to the kind gentleman who bought our lunch last month at Harbor Inn. Your kindness and thoughtfulness were so heart-warming. May the Lord bless you tenfold for your kind heart.


WHAT’S UP WITH folks who don’t wash their hands? It’s especially bad when you work in the medical district and you see folks doing this. Soap and water can be found all over the hospitals and nearby buildings in our area. Use them. I don’t want your germs. Also, if you really can’t get to the soap and water, hit that bottle of sanitizer they have pretty much at every doorway. Simply disgusted.


WITH A GALLON of gasoline heading to $4 and beyond, it’s time for President Obama to step in and propose a gas stamp program similar to the food stamp program to help us be able to get back and forth to work. The government needs to provide us with 12 gallons a week.


I AM A PART-TIME cashier at an Evans retail store. Please have some courtesy and stay off your phone when we are trying to help you. It is rude. If you have to talk on them, do it out of the store.


RAVES TO THE Lakeside Middle School student who demonstrated bravery in reporting the actions of the Charlie Rape Gang. He is truly a hero who shows that one person can make a difference.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves